OFR Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

£325.00 + vat

OFR Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

If you or your loved ones are addicted to gaming, the chances of sitting all day long is very high. You can reduce the health hazard by investing in an electric sit-stand gaming desk. The OFR electric height adjustable gaming desk has a lot of cool features all gamers love. For example, RGB lighting, angled-frame and a carbon-fibre effect top. Most importantly, it offers a healthier gaming experience compared to conventional desks.

Main Product Features
Electric height adjustable gaming desk
Height adjustment: 720-1210mm / 28.3”-47.6”
High-tech carbon-fibre effect top
RGB mood lighting
Advanced control panel integrated into the top with 4 memory presets
40Kg load weight limit
Dimensions: L1250mm x D600mm x H720 to 1210mm

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OFR Electric Height-adjustable Gaming Desk
Click the “stand” button, the Allcam ED119G sit-stand desk will automatically raise to the standing position; click the “sit” button, the gaming desk to return the sitting position. You can also press the “up” or “down” button to set the ED119G standing desk anywhere between 72-121cm/ 28.3”-47.6” in height.

RGB Mood Lighting
The Allcam ED119G standing desk features full colour LED lighting. The LED light gradually changes its colour, lifting the gamer’s mood, and creating an exciting immersive gaming experience.

Carbon-fibre Effect Top
The Allcam ED119G gaming desk features a carbon-fibre effect top, measuring 125x60cm (width x depth). The near side of the top has a small cut-out area so the far side of the top is more accessible. There are decorative pieces on both left and right edges of the top to give the rugged feeling, further enhancing the gamers’ sense of power.

Other Features of ED119G Gaming Desk
ED119G Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk advanced control panel ED119G Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk angled frame ED119G Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk headphone hanger
Advanced Control Panel
There are 4 memory presets for one-click height adjustment. The height is displayed in the centre of the control panel.
Angled Frame
Angled frame makes the gaming desk more stable than the cantilever frames while offering the gamer more under-desk space.
Headphone Hanger & Cup Holder.
The desk is carefully designed for gamers. The headphone hanger and drink cup/bottle holder seems trivial for others but important for gamers.